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how to create your own gravatar

Gravatar – Adding a Face to Your Comments

Gravatar – it’s a globally recognised avatar – of yourself or your business. The most common place to see Gravatars is in the comments area of blogs – you might be wondering why some people have their faces coming up and other don’t. Your email address = your lovely mugshot! So a Gravatar is a […]

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How to update your Facebook About / Basic Info

Updating your Facebook About / Basic Info Tab

Video Tutorial – How to & Best Tips for updating your Facebook Page About / Basic Info Tab. Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below… How to do it…. This is another Web Tweaks video tutorial brought to you by Cookie Web Consulting. Today I am going to show you how to update […]

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Thunderbird Email Setup

Configuring your Email in Thunderbird

First off.. for those of you who don’t know what Thunderbird is, it’s a free email application which is quite similar to MS Outlook (in my opinion). You can download Thundbird from their website » Once downloaded you need to install the software. Once installed open the application and add in your email settings by […]

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How to Send an Email Newsletter using Mailchimp

Quick step by step instructions for sending an email newsletter in Mailchimp: Each newsletter email is called a ‘Campaign’. Click on the Campaigns link at the top of the page Create Campaign – choose the regular ‘ol campaign Choose the mailing list that you would like to send the campaign to. Click the Send to […]

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formatting telephone numbers for smartphones

Formatting your phone number on your website for easy smartphone calls

When people visit your website on smartphones (e.g. iPhone or Andriod) it’s a good idea to format your telephone numbers so that they are able to click on your phone number and have it dial directly from their phone. Well that’s easy to do. Just format your phone numbers like this +countrycode areacode phonenumber For […]

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Email – Getting Started

Now that you have a new website and a new email address you’ll want to be able to send and receive emails. There are a few different options you can use when accessing your email and we would suggest using the option that you’re most used to. Accessing your Email Through Outlook – If you […]

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Create an Anchor Link to Jump to Another Part of the Same Page

Anchor link code: In WordPress Editor go to the place where you want the anchor link to be and place some code as shown below, this is called an anchor. <a href=”#cookie”>cookie</a> Take note what you have called your anchor (in this case #cookie) Locate where you want the link to jump to and place […]

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Clearing your browser cache

This article is about how to clear your internet browser cache, sometimes when you do not do this it can slow up your internet browsing. The most common way to do this is to press CTRL and F5, this will refresh the page fully For internet explorer you will have to go into ‘Tools’, then […]

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Adding Images to Your Article

In every blog or article on WordPress its good to have images on a page, it gives the user a better experience and also gives a bit of style to your article or blog. Adding Images In the text editor place your cursor where you want the image to appear. Click the ‘Add an image’ […]

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