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Updating your Facebook About / Basic Info Tab

Video Tutorial – How to & Best Tips for updating your Facebook Page About / Basic Info Tab.

Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below…

How to do it….

How to update your Facebook About / Basic Info

How to update your Facebook About / Basic Info

This is another Web Tweaks video tutorial brought to you by Cookie Web Consulting. Today I am going to show you how to update the “About” tab or “Basic Information” on your Facebook page. This is one of the easiest things to do on your page but often it’s the one thing that many business owners don’t pay enough attention to.

Remember that Facebook is a great tool for promoting your business. If you have a page and don’t do much with it then at the very very least it can contain your company’s contact details and some basic information about your products or services. You can fill this out in 5 minutes and then it’s done. If someone searches for your business on Facebook or finds their way there then you can  make sure they can get through to you with a phone number, email address, website url etc.

So, let’s get started.

Firstly login to Facebook and make your way to your company’s facebook page. Underneath your profile pic  you’ll see the an “About” link, possibly with some other links here prompting you to fill in “Add your Phone Number” etc. Click on the “About” link first as it will show you what your visitor or fans will see when they click in the About tab. Is it empty or looking a little forlorn? Let’s start filling in the blanks!

Click on the edit button on the right hand side and we come to the “Basic Information” tab. Depending on how you have categorised your business different info boxes will be available to you. In our case we’ve chosen the “Companies & Organisations” category and chosen “Company”. Please do your best to choose the best category for your business here.

Just a note – I’m not so keen on choosing sub-categories because Facebook puts in a tag or hyperlink to other (in our case, “web design”) businesses in our area. I want to try and keep people on our page so I don’t fill this in.

Username: if your page has over 20 or 25 fans you can choose a username for your page. This is a great idea because it means that your Facebook page url or address can be shortened so that  it’s much easier to remember and type in. In our case instead of choosing Cookie Web Consulting as our business name we went with CookieWeb – so now you can get to our page by typing in facebook.com/cookieweb – nice and short and easy to remember. So do make sure you update your username asap.

Company address – fairly self explanatory – fill in all the details and do pinpoint it on the map if you have a business premises that you want people to visit. Remember having a business postal address gives your business a little more credibility.

Name, Start date and Start type – again self explanatory but do take the time to fill them in.

Next we can be a little more expressive with the next few text areas and include lots of texts and lots of hyperlinking to your website! Remember the category you choose for your business determines which of these fields appear. These are some of the common ones. If you don’t want to fill in a section or it isn’t relevant just leave it out.

  1. Short Description
    Do fill in the short description – keep it succinct – a couple of sentences. We put our company website address after the first couple of words. That way it should be visible on the Facebook page.
  2. Company Overview
    If you want a company overview put in but I am just going to stick with a longer Description for Cookie Web.
  3. Description
    This can be more expansive. Don’t forget to include links to your websites – especially special products or services you want to feature up. Include a short bio on your company founders if you feel that’s important. Encourage your visitors to contact you with phone numbers and email addresses.
  4. Mission
    If you want to include your mission statement by all means!
  5. Founded
    Include your start date here.
  6. Awards
    Include any awards you or your company have won or been nominated for.
  7. Products
    Don’t be shy – use this space to write about your products and services. You can be expansive here and highlight your best sellers with links to specific products in your online shop for instance. Once again include contact details if you want to encourage people to pick up the phone to you.

Add the rest of your contact details – remembering that people using smart phones will also be accessing your content so test out your phone numbers on your smart phone to make sure they can auto dial.

Now, save your changes and view your new page – well done!

Some Tips!

Some tips on the writing – use keywords you want to associated with your business and products and services – after all it is what you and your business is about. Keep the writing friendly and informal – you’re on Facebook afterall. Don’t ramble on and on – you do have some space here keep your reader in mind – they’re after information about your company and it’s products and services. Hyperlink to your website especially internal pages such as your products or shop pages.


There is no formatting except the ability to add spaces – so ensure you break up your content with paragraphs every 3 or 4 sentences. Because there is no other formatting I might even recommend the very sparing use of CAPS!

That’s it! Good luck and please post any questions in the comments area below.



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