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How to Add an Admin to your Facebook Page

It’s good to share the load when managing your online presence. And when it comes to Facebook things are no different, if there are a few people involved in your business or organisation then you can have multiple administrators of your business page.

Adding an Administrator by their Email Address

  1. Important – your new admin must ‘like’ your facebook page before you carry out these steps or you will not be able to add them as an administrator.
  2. Log into Facebook
  3. Navigate to your business/organisation page
  4. Over to the right of the page, you’ll see your Admins for the page. It may just be you or you may already have a few administrators.

    Facebook Page Administrators

    Facebook - Page Administrators

  5. Click on the See all link to view all the administrators of your page.
  6. On the next page you’ll notice that there is a blank box with the text “Start typing a name or email address…” Enter the email address of your new adminstrator here. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

    Facebook Administrators List

    Facebook - List of your current administrators

  7. You’ll need to confirm your identity in order to proceed, so Facebook asks you to enter your password. Enter the password that you would usually use to log into your Facebook profile. Click the Save button.

    Confirm Password

    Confirm Password

  8. That’s it! An email invite will be sent to the email address you entered. Once received, your new administrator can accept the invite and they will then have access to update and manage your Facebook Page.


About Orla Duncan

Orla is a director at Cookie Web Consulting. She specialises in web development and project managment and you can find out more about her here: http://cookieweb.ie/about-us/


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