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Building Inbound Links for Small Business

link building for small businessOne of our biggest customer queries is how to get your website ranking better in the search engine result pages or SERPS. One of the best ways to improve your rankings is to increase the number of inbound links to your website – both your homepage and the inside pages. Sure there are plenty of tips out there about how you can increase the number of links to your website just by creating an amazing video that goes viral. Yeah…. As you might have guessed that’s actually very hard to do! So here’s some more practical advice to help you get started – we’ve put together some links to 5 great articles that will get you started on devising your own link building strategy for your small business.

Video: Effective Techniques for Link Building

Google’s famous Matt Cutts talks about some good tips for building links. And yes, as ever, it comes down to creating good content but he gives some great examples of the kind of content that people do want to link to.

Link Building for Small and Local Business

A good article that shares 7 tips for getting inbound links to your website, from creating your own Google Map to writing a press release for your local papers. Check it out – there’s sure to be something relevant for your business in this one:


Forget Link Building – It’s about Building Relationships

Instead of building links this article suggest that you build social relationships with your industry’s influencers (that’s the people on Twitter and LinkedIn with all the followers!). By building a relationship with them you and your website’s content (like your blog posts) are much more likely to be noticed and hopefully shared. But do ask yourself the question – is your content worth sharing? This article shows you how you might go about building those relationships:


Offline Link Building for Local Business

7 more ideas for local business link building – but these are all offline ideas! This article is really old – from 2008 but the ideas are still relevant especially for those who haven’t really found their feet with all this online stuff and prefer to talk with people on the phone 🙂


Actually it’s about Link Earning

This one is a bit more advanced and fast paced but is another really good video from those guys at SEOMoz (I really like them and their SEO tools) and once again, the focus on creating good content that earns links. Also check out the 100s of comments below the article – there are some good discussions happening there.


In a nutshell – Getting worthy inbound links mostly involves creating the kind of content that people want to link to. Content that is interesting, informative, useful, funny – you can do it. Hopefully you’re inspired! Good luck 🙂


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